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Speed Up SCX Postural Biofeedback Gait Training and Analysis Treadmill System

Speed Up SCX is an inclusive Rehab Treadmill providing Gait Training and Gait Analysis. The first and the only one treadmill which can sense and display the real-time ROM of body joints with no sensors / markers to be put on the user during the gait training. It is equipped with a control PC with touch-screen and 32" LCD Monitor Display, a load sensing soft impact surface (force sensor matrix) and a 3D camera for motion capture. It recognizes the thrust of the feet on the tread-belt and it adjusts the speed according to the user's gesture. It provides real-time temporal data including cadence, stride length, load symmetry and COG oscillation during gait training. The immediate and objective feedback allows to improve the posture in the race, the support of the foot, to correct the relative problems of movement of the arms, together with all the aspects related to the moving posture, the load of the lower limbs and much more.
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